Throughout the years, I have created many How-To guides to help students in the development of their projects. Every time, I had to share them on a different platform, or personally case by case. To ease the process, I have decided to make some of them available online: students and practitioners can find and download models to guide their fist steps in business planning, creation of metrics dashboards, preparation of elevator pitches or startups deck.

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch is a quick speech held by founders of new ventures to present a business project to potential investors and stakeholders. 3 are the main sections: Market, Team, and Product.


Business Plan Spreadsheet

Multiple spreadsheets to create a simplified quantitative business plan for a new venture assessing sales, costs, investments, cash flows, and financial need.


Dynamic Business Metrics

Through Dynamic Business Metrics managers and entrepreneurs control real time the business and reach desired results acting on specific variables.


Traditional Business Metrics

Traditional Business Metrics have been used for years by managers and entrepreneurs to control their businesses.


Business Plan - A step by step approach

Business plan developers suffer the blank page syndrome. To fight it and to offer a simple guide, I created this document.


Business Plan - Framework

If you run, you can download here the sole framework and fill it with your data.


1 Slide Presentation

Background, areas of intervention, markets, references. All in 1 slide.


Media Mix Map

Matrix to map the media mix adopted along the different phases of user acquisition and relation.


Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey and Service Elements Map, matching the stages of the customer journey and the elements of the product / service offered.


Growth Strategies Map

The Ansoff Matrix to visualise growth strategies


Value Creation Map

Value Creation Map